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At the heart of my artistic practice lies an exploration of cultural identity, community, and the intricate convergence of diverse cultures. Through papercut collage painting, sculptures, and public art, I delve into the complexities of our collective heritage, unraveling the threads that shape our sense of belonging.


In my papercut collage paintings, I construct intricate visual narratives using materials of personal significance. Immigration forms, menus, and personal photos are turned into cutouts shapes, carefully woven together, reflecting the multifaceted layers of individual and shared experiences. By incorporating these materials, I invite viewers to contemplate the profound journeys of immigration, the blending of cultures, and the stories that shape our identities.


My sculptural works involve reconstructing existing objects and concepts, infused with public-sourced information. This collaborative approach challenges the conventional boundaries of art, creating interactive sculptures that become vessels for collective stories and reflections. These pieces embody community narratives, preserving and celebrating the diverse voices that contribute to our shared tapestry.


In public art, by working closely with the community, I strive to create public artworks that commemorate and honor their unique heritage. These collaborative projects involve engaging with residents, community leaders, and cultural institutions, fostering a sense of ownership and shared pride. Through these works, public spaces are transformed into living tributes, reflecting the rich history, traditions, and achievements of the community.


Drawing inspiration from my family's heritage in calligraphy and papercut art, as well as my experiences studying and living in the United States, my artistic practice merges these different traditions. Through my work, I aim to bridge cultural divides, nurturing empathy and fostering appreciation, while encouraging meaningful dialogue and cultivating a shared understanding among viewers. Themes of cultural identity, community, and interconnectedness resonate deeply within my creations, inviting individuals to reflect on their place within the intricate tapestry of human connections. As an artist, my aspiration is to inspire individuals to embrace the nuanced complexities of their cultural identities and cherish our collective heritage, reshaping our world with inclusivity and a profound appreciation for the vibrant diversity that unites us all.

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