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"My work is an ongoing exploration of cultural heritage, documentation, and experimentation. Papercut, a traditional folk-art technique that has been practiced in my family for multiple generations, is the unifying element I employ throughout my canvas, sculpture, and public art works. 

I employ papercut to create compositions that emulate and deviate from traditional Chinese painting, and that tells the story of my immigrant journey, and of those with shared experiences. I incorporate materials of personal significance as media, including immigration documents, immigrant-owned restaurant menus, and magazines advertisements that encapsulate the American Dream. These materials transform through the application of papercut into buildings, vehicles, rocks, trees, and they layer on top of each other to create mountains and natural formations across expansive landscapes. “Cross the water and climb the mountains” is a phrase from the ancient Chinese classic text, the Book of Ode. Historically the phrase is meant to express a long and challenging journey, which reflects parts of my experience as a first-generation immigrant, and to which I am supplementing by making inferences towards audacity and aspiration. The base materials I employ imply motifs and narratives, without shuttering or narrowing the focus of the viewer solely to this area and their contents. They allow underlying issues and ideas to have context that is both explicit and part of a larger content.


My sculpture and public art practice is about fostering community engagement and civic involvement. Through direct collaboration with the public, we collectively explore, rediscover, and examine local culture and heritage. 


Coming from a family of traditional Chinese artists and cultural historians, and having studied and now residing in the United States, I make references to traditional Chinese landscape painting, as well as acknowledging the influence Western art has on my work. My work explores Here and There, the two poles of culture and influence that have shaped me as an artist. For a first-generation immigrant, this is the experience of place and culture, where both bleed into each other and color our journey."


Sijia Chen is a multi-disciplinary visual artist concentrating in public art, large-scale painting, and installation. Her commissioned public works include “Bloom” in North Kansas City, Missouri, “Voyage Beyond” in Shantou, China, “Arbor” in Claremont, California, and “SWA” and “Tea and Tree” in Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport in Jieyang, China. She has shown her work in solo exhibitions at Art and Sustainability, Net Impact Los Angeles, Culver City, California; Art Museum of Shantou University, Shantou, China; Fei Gallery, Guangzhou, China; South Bay Contemporary, San Pedro, California; Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, Illinois; Temple Contemporary, Philadelphia, Philadelphia; and group exhibitions in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, US, and China.  Various institutions, including the Goldbach Center, Zurich, Switzerland; the Inside Out Museum, Beijing, China; Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou, China; Shantou University, Shantou, China; and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, China, have included Chen’s work in their permanent collections. She received her MFA from Tyler School of Art in 2011 and her BFA from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2009. She resides and operates her principal studio in Los Angeles, California.




美国Voyage LA, Studio Visit Magazine, Fresh Paint Magazine, Art Slant,,《艺术家》杂志,雅昌艺术网,金羊网,广州日报,汕头电视台等媒体都曾专访或报道过陈斯嘉及她的艺术。



2011       Master of Fine Arts, Painting, Drawing and Sculpture, Tyler School of Art, Temple University,Philadelphia, PA

2010       Printmaking Apprentice Training Program,The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia, PA

2009       Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, China


SOLO EXHIBITIONS                                                                                                                    


2016        Art and Sustainability, Net Impact Los Angeles, Culver City, CA

2014        Sijia Chen, South Bay Contemporary, San Pedro, CA

2014        Playground, Fei Gallery, Guangzhou , China

2013        Home-New Work by Sijia Chen, Art Museum of Shantou University, Guangzhou, China 

2011        Wander- Land, Temple University Gallery, Tyler School of Art, TempleUniversity, Philadelphia, PA

2011        Wet Paint Two: Sijia Chen, Zhou B. Art Center, Chicago, IL


SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS                                                                                                                          

2022           Terra Firma, New Museum Los Gatos, Los Gatos, CA (upcoming)

2022           Tieze, Durden and Ray, Los Angeles, CA

2022           Quaranta, bG Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2021           Qualitative Variables, Jupiter Museum of Art, Shenzhen, China

2021           Stop AAPI Hate,  33 Contemporary, Chicago, IL

2021           NoMad, Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA 

2019         Escapism from Los Angeles, SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA

2019         From Out of the Western Sky, Ekkisens Gallery, Reykjavík, Iceland 

2018         Conversation, Red Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

2018         Asian Wind and Finnish Woods, Gallery Kookos, Helsinki, Finland

2018         Dragnet, Durden and Ray, Los Angeles, CA

2018         KÀN: The Art of Looking, Durden and Ray, Los Angeles, CA

2018         Odd Convergences, Korean Culture Center, Los Angeles, CA

2018         Inverted Realities, Oxnard College, Los Angeles, CA

2017         Entangled Loci, HilbertRaum Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2017         The Collectives, Brand Library, Glendale, CA

2017         Formats, Shugu Museum, Shenzhen, China

2017         Formats, Shengshi Gallery, Shunde, China

2017         Round Two, Durden and Ray, Los Angeles, CA

2016         The Newbies,Durden and Ray, Los Angeles, CA

2016         Start, the Abstract Art of China, Art Xiamen, Xiamen, China

2016         Mas Attack X, Fine Art Complex, Tempe, AZ

2015         Chang Jiang International Photography and Video Biennale, Chongqing, China

2015         Stay Under Sea, N+ Space, Shantou, China

2015         Art Bamboo 146, Tokyo, Japan

2016         Beyond the Ocean,Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA

2014         Transforming Feminism, South Bay Contemporary, San Pedro, CA

2014         TBD, University of Wisconsin, White Water, WI

2013         Red Point, Art Basel Miami, FL

2013         Homing Pigeon, Gallery Lara Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan 

2013         Chengdu Biennial, Chengdu, China

2013         Art Nova 100,Beijing, China
2013         Symbiosis Cultural Part Two,33 Contemporary Gallery, Chicago, IL

2013         Symbiosis Cultural, Tijuana, Mexico

2013         Top of Fashion-the Invited Female Artist Exhibition, Enjoy Museum, Beijing, China  

2012         Synergy, Art Space 191, Vienna, Austria 

2012         Art-Energy-Future,Regional Museum of Natural Science, Turin, Italy

2011         Baling Hou, Red Point Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

2011         Baling Hou Continues: Next Generation of Asian Art 2011, Goldbach Center, Zurich, Switzerland

2011         Woot! Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA

2011         National Wet Paint Exhibition 2011, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, IL

2011         Juried Gallery Show, F&N Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2010         I Heart Art, Wassaic Project, New York, NY

2010         PDA/PDS: Graduate Student Exhibition, Presser Hall, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 

2009         Chengdu Biennial, Chengdu, China 

2009         Today National Art Student Annual Awards, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

2008         Left and Right China International Art Festival, Left Right Art Zone,Beijing, China

2007         Second Art Exhibition by New Generation of Artists in Guangzhou, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China 

2007         Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, China


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE                                                                                                              


2016        Speaker,Art and Sustainability, Net Impact Los Angeles, Culver City, CA

2015        Speaker, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA

2015        Speaker, University of Arts, Philadelphia, PA

2014        Curator,Exchange Exhibitions, Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles and Guangzhou Academy of Fine

                Arts, Guangzhou, China 

2011-14   Curator, 33 Contemporary Gallery, Chicago, IL

2013-14   Guest Curator, Ucity Art Museum, Guangzhou, Chin

2013        Adjunct Professor,Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China

2013        Artist in Residence, Inside Out Museum, Beijing, China

2013        Lecturer,Cheung Kong School of Art and Design, Shantou University, China

2012        Speaker,International Photographers Association of Los Angeles

2011        Speaker, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO

2009        Exhibition Assistant and English/Chinese Interpreter, “CaiGuoqiang-Fallen Blossom,” Philadelphia Museum of Art                     and the Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia, PA


SELECTED PUBLIC COLLECTIONS AND PUBLICATIONS                                                                                                   


  •        Richards Park, North Kansas City, MO

  • ​       Voyage Beyond, Time Square Park, Shantou, China

  •        City Hall, Claremont, CA

  •        Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport, Jieyang, China

  •        Museum of Contemporary Art, Chengdu, China  

  •        Inside Out Museum, Beijing, China

  •        Goldbach Center, Zurich, Switzerland

  •        Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China

  •        Art Museum of Shantou University, Shantou, China

  •        University City Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, China​​

  •        Voyage LA, US

  •        Art and Cake, US

  • ​       Studio Visit​, US

  •        Fresh Paint, US

  •        Artist, Taiwan

  •        Artron, China

  •        GDTV, China

  •        STTV, China, 

  •        Guangzhou Daily, China

2011       毕业于美国泰勒艺术学院绘画与雕塑系,获硕士学位
2010       版画工作室进修项目,美国费城纺织工房美术馆
2009       毕业于广州美术学院油画系,获学士学位 
2005       毕业于广州美术学院附中


2016       陈斯嘉-艺术与可持续发展,Net Impact, 洛杉矶,美国

2014       中途,南湾当代艺术中心,洛杉矶,美国 
2014       游乐园,扉艺廊,广州,中国
2013       家,汕头大学美术馆,汕头,中国
2011       漫步之境-陈斯嘉个展,天普画廊,费城;美国
2011       双个展:陈斯嘉+凯瑟琳 伯里曼, ZHOU.B艺术中心,芝加哥,美国


2022       大地,拉斯格妥斯新美术馆,美国

2022       Tieze, Durden and Ray,洛杉矶,美国

2022       Quaranta, bG 画廊,洛杉矶,美国

2021       新潮动力,木星美术馆,深圳,中国

2021       反亚裔及环太平洋裔歧视, 33当代,芝加哥, 美国

2021       Nomad, 托伦斯美术馆,洛杉矶,美国

2019       图像政权,  Durden and Ray,  洛杉矶, 美国

2019       逃离洛杉矶,SOIL Gallery,西雅图,美国

2019       从西方天空中挣脱,Ekkisens Gallery,雷克雅未克,冰岛

2018       对话,红画廊,赫尔辛基,芬兰

2018       亚洲风与芬兰木,Galleria KOOKOS,赫尔辛基,芬兰

2018       Collectivity,Durden and Ray, 洛杉矶,美国

2018       Dragnet:832,Durden and Ray, 洛杉矶,美国

2018       看:观看的艺术,Durden and Ray, 洛杉矶,美国

2018       奇异集合,韩国文化中心,洛杉矶,美国

2017       缠绕地点,西博朗画廊,柏林,德国

2017       Round Too, Durden and Ray, 洛杉矶,美国

2017       合作 布兰特图书馆,洛杉矶,美国2016新一代,Durden and Ray, l洛杉矶

2016       开绘-中国抽象艺术邀请展,艺术厦门,厦门

2016       MASATACK 洛杉矶与凤凰城艺术家联展,艺术101,凤凰城

2015       世界的最好一面,竹艺术146,东京,日本

2015       中国长江国际影像双年展 重庆 中国
2014       译本女性,南岸当代艺术中心,洛杉矶,美国
2014       TBD,威斯康辛大学,白水,美国
2014       大洋彼岸-来自中国的当代艺术,托伦斯美术馆,洛杉矶,美国
2013       Art Spot, 迈阿密巴塞尔艺术节,迈阿密,美国
2013       当代女性艺术家邀请展,悦美术馆,北京,中国
2013       成都双年展,成都,中国
2013       青年艺术一百邀请展,巡回展,中国
2013       共生文化2, 33当代画廊,芝加哥,美国
2012       共生文化,Derecha画廊,蒂华纳,墨西哥 
2012       协同,191艺术空间,维也纳,奥地利
2012       艺术-能源-未来,图灵博物馆,图灵,意大利
2011       八零后-中国当代青年艺术家作品展, 红点画廊, 苏黎世,瑞士
2011       注灌,33当代画廊,芝加哥,美国
2011       新一代亚洲艺术大展,哥德巴赫艺术中心, 孔司纳赫特, 瑞士
2011       美国研究生年度艺术大展,芝加哥, 美国
2011       Woot!---美国青年艺术家作品群展,起重机艺术中心, 费城, 美国
2011       F&N画廊费城艺术家作品群展;费城;美国
2010       I Heart Art,Wassaic艺术项目, 纽约, 美国
2010       PDA/PDS,费城青年艺术家联展,费城, 美国
2009       成都双年展,成都,中国
2009       当代艺术院校大学生年度提名展,今日美术馆,北京,美国
2009       今年二八——广美今日大家评提名艺术家群展,汇豪社,广州,中国
2008       中国•左右国际艺术节 宋庄, 北京,中国 
2008       光与盐艺术大展 原子空间画廊,广州,中国
2008       岭南新势力首届广州美术学院学生作品展,广州大学城美术馆,中国
2007       第二届新青年艺术大展,广东美术馆,中国
2007       平遥国际摄影大展,山西,中国 


  •        美国托伦斯美术馆与广州美术学院大学城美术馆双向艺术交流展策展人

  •        芝加哥33当代画廊策展人

  •        广州美术学院美术学院大学城美术馆客座策展人

  •        美国泰勒美术学院绘画与雕塑系讲师

  •        广州美术学院油画系客座讲师

  •        北京中间美术馆国际艺术家驻场项目驻场艺术家

  •         “PDS/PDA”;费城青年艺术家群展联合策展人

  •        蔡国强费城美术馆个展“花开花落” 展览助手兼展览翻译

  •        讲座: 泰勒艺术学院优秀校友讲座,洛杉矶艺术与可持续发展论坛,美国艺术大学,美国加州州立大学长滩分校,美国密苏里大              学艺术学院,洛杉矶国际摄影家协会,广州美术学院,广州大学美术与设计学院,汕头大学长江艺术与设计学院等

  •        雕塑作品Arbor作为地标性建筑坐落于美国加州克莱蒙特市政厅前



潮汕国际机场 l 美国克莱蒙特市政厅 l 美国泰勒艺术学院 l 瑞⼠孔斯特艺术中⼼ l ⼴东美术馆 l 北京中间美术馆 l 汕头⼤学美术馆 l ⼴州美术学院⼤学城美术馆·

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